Our towel production

Our towel production

Our towels are handmade in Turkey, woven on big wooden looms.


Wooden loomes for turkish towelsWooden loom for weaving 


The history behind turkish towels go all the way back to about the 7th century A.D.

Known as a pestemal from the Turkish region of the same name, weavers originally crafted these towels from cotton, linen or bamboo fibers. The flat towel always ended in a fringe. 

It was and is a very important part of Turkish social life, but originally it was meant for the ceremonial bath for a bride before her wedding and for important occasions later in life. The Pestemal has been used for many centuries in the Turkish bath or Hamam.

Nowadays the Turkish towel is growing in popularity, due to their versatile usage. They are the perfect beach towel, as they do not absorb sand, are very lightweight, often used for yoga, as coverup and also for a lovely spa feeling at home in the bathroom.


Handmade fringes on Turkish towels

Fringes on our Karina towels are meticulously made by hand



Our beautiful Herringbone towels in the making!


Which is your favourite?

See our beautiful towels in many colours here 




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