All our linens are handmade from 100% linen. We recommend they be washed on gentle washing cycle at max 40 degrees celsius, to maintain the shape.

For best results let your linen dry naturally - it dries quickly. If you decide to tumble dry, then dry on low heat and do not over dry.

Ironing, we recommend you iron your linen while still damp. Set your iron on medium heat/steam.

Bedlinen does not need ironing.

Do not bleach.

Always wash with similar colors.


Turkish towels:

All our Turkish towels are handmade from 100% Cotton and Linen.

We recommend they be washed on 40 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry.

We also recommend washing your towels before use.

First time you wash your towels try leaving them to soak overnight, this will make them very absorbent right away.

Do not bleach.

Never use softener, as softener contain oils that can coat the towel fibers and destroy their absorbency.

Try using vinegar instead this will help to soften the fabric and remove any soap remains, these can over time make the fabric seem hard and stiff.

Always was with similar colors.



Our umbrellas are made of 100% sustainable materials, it can withstand both sun and rain. As it is handmade the canvas color can change over time, when exposed to the sun and natural elements.

Always let it dry completely before closing.

Your bamboo umbrella loves the sun, so open it up in the sunshine whenever possible.

The canvas can be washed down with a damp cloth, when it is packed away for the winter.



Vacume only


JUTE Baskets

Baskets are shipped folded and will need some help to find their shape.

If you feel it is necessary you can fill your basket with towels for a couple of days, it depends on how you want your basket to look. We haven’t found it necessary, as we like the soft casual look of the basket.

There will be creases, these you simply fold back onto themselves, don’t worry your jute basket won’t get damaged. Just keep folding them back until they disappear.

If your basket is exposed to too much strong sunlight the Jute will change colour, so please don’t stand it directly in the sun.

Clean: Vacume only


Cotton rugs

Dry clean only.